Unveiling the Underbelly: Fraud Stories in Home Services 🥸

Is the call coming from inside the house?

Only YOU can prevent Google Review fraud!

Sup guys,

You ever have something happen that completely derails a day? While that feels like a common business occurrence, one thing happened last week that’s been stuck in my head. A threat from an outside source to tank our Google Reviews ate up an entire day and has bore a ton of great discussion on the podcast between me and Jack.

Maybe I need a distraction or some inspiration. It’s in times like this that I turn to the wider community of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical pros. One of my favorites is Alec at Homepros.

Click the pic for Homepros.

If you’re looking for great original writing and newsletters in the HVAC space then turn your attention to their space. I’m particularly a fan because their content covers a lot of ground in our space, perfect for anyone in private equity platforms, suppliers, coaching groups, trade associations, government agencies, and software companies.

It’s ‘need to know’ information, full stop. Give Alec and Homepros a look; you won’t regret it.

Now, let’s talk about fraud, scams, flimflams, bamboozles, and more.

Let’s do it.

  • Fraud prevention and detection are essential for small businesses to protect themselves from internal and external threats.

  • Businesses need to be vigilant and proactive in implementing processes and safeguards to prevent fraud and theft.

  • Building a culture of integrity and accountability within the team is crucial to prevent internal fraud and misconduct.

  • Utilizing technology such as GPS tracking, cameras, and key cards can help in monitoring and controlling access and activities.

  • Communicate clearly with employees about expectations and consequences regarding fraudulent activities.

  • Stay informed about potential scams and fraud tactics in business to better protect the company.

  • Continuous monitoring, feedback, and adaptation are essential to prevent and address fraudulent behavior.

Fraud comes in many ways and behind a lot of masks. Let me know about your stories of fraud by heading over to my Twitter and give a shout.

Detection IS Prevention

Fraud prevention and detection are crucial for small businesses to protect themselves from inside and outside threats. It’s also important to realize that scams and attacks come from a lot of different angles. This Google Reviews thing is one of seemingly a number of endless ways that the thing you’re building can come under pressure.

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