Google My Business and Getting Leads Now

Are you GMB-Ready?

Google My Business and Getting Leads Now


We’ve been talking a lot lately on the pod lately about the hassle that comes along with online lead generation. Mainly, the absolute pain it can be getting into the Google My Business pipeline.

Considering how much of a game-changer GMB can be, part of the struggle for a lot of people I know is just getting the process going.

So, let’s talk about that today while looking at some advice from in-house.

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So, without further delay…

Let’s do it.

  • Google My Business: Why does it suck?

    • There is a reason

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Did you get stuck in the GMB process?

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You Are The Worst, Google My Business

For those out of the loop, Google My Business is the method for getting your business listed within Google Maps and in the Google ecosystem.

But that valuable placement comes at a ton of hoops.

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