How to Double Your Service Ticket Now 🏆

Four ways to double that average.

Double Your Service Tickets Today


The average ticket—or the average transaction size— is a big number in the home service game. This is your revenue per completed transaction and a number that tells you a lot about where your business operation is going.

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But how do you increase that number? You have options. Today, I’m going to go over four ways that Wilson doubled the average service ticket and how you can get that same growth.

We went from a $1,100 average plumbing ticket to $2,900 by leaning on these key areas.

And that growth is attainable for all service industries.

But speaking of growth, you can’t go anywhere without a call center team that can grow and change with your business. A call center and CSR team that is always evolving and growing is a must-have. How?

For us, it’s Avoca AI coaches and responders.

Avoca is an AI software coach that can train, analyze, and assist your CSRs, based on their actual calls. The best sports teams look at plays after the fact and see what they can learn.

Likewise, Avoca’s software provides our CSRs with the growth opportunities needed to learn where they can improve, increase sales, and make customers happier.

We have a promo code right now for anyone trying out Avoca AI: OWNED

Time to talk about tickets and how to double them up.

Let’s do it.

  • Service Selection: Focus on services that can drive bigger transactions.

  • Training: Continuous improvement in staff training can lead to better service delivery and increased upselling.

  • Staffing: Hire personnel who can effectively communicate and educate customers about various options.

  • Pricing: Regularly reassess and adjust your pricing strategy to reflect the true value of your services and cover desired profit margins.

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A High-Value Target

Part of increasing that average ticket value is knowing what your biggest, most valuable services are doing. For Wilson, we identified six core services in the plumbing space that moved the needle.

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