How Company Culture Creates Profit 🤝

The Right People, The Most Money

The Right Culture Makes Money


Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope all of you get out there, maybe smoke some brisket, and take some time to reset. It’s been a busy year and we all need that break.

This week I hosted our Facebook group’s second Q&A livestream. We have a great group of vetted owners helping each other in the group and it continues to be one of the coolest things I have my hands in.

Why? It’s all about the culture.

Was this forwarded to you?

Time to talk about culture, and how the right people help you make more money.

Let’s do it.

  • Culture Influences Hiring and Retention

  • The Right People Drive Performance and Revenue

  • Leadership and Culture Are Interconnected

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Understanding Company Culture

Pets are a big part of our company culture.

What does culture mean to you as an owner? Sometimes it means a value statement; other times it’s a literal plan for daily operations.

For me, it means having the best people being accountable, ready to rock, and doing what they do best for everyone around them.

But there’s creating culture and then there’s managing it. A big difference.

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