Handling High Demand and Turning Busy Season Chaos into Cash

Busy Season Means Money Season

Make Busy Season A Big Pay Day


We had a lot of doom and gloom last week, talking about runways and emergency plans. It might be time for a pick-me-up.

After all, it’s the happiest season of the year (at least for a guy in HVAC): Heatwave season.

We’re also selling over capacity in HVAC. That? I love that.

Was this forwarded to you?

June 2024 has been a banger of a month, hitting our highest single-sales days of all time. I can’t tell you how pumped I was to see that $200K day. We’re killing it, and the month isn’t even over.

I’m going to get this framed.

We’re also past where we were in June 2023 regarding total sales. Big days.

That’s why it’s time to talk about peak season, keeping customers happy, and how planning ahead can help you capitalize on the hottest of weeks.

Let’s do it.

  • Look at sales planning ahead of the busy season

  • Customer retention during hot seasons needs to become a focus

  • Use this selling at or over-capacity season to make hay

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No Capacity? No Problem.

Our June 2024 numbers so far, 20 days in

There’s nothing like a heatwave to remind people that, “It’s time to get the AC going.

I’ve never been happier to have ServiceTitan track all these numbers in one spot and give me the good news about our killer sales.

And that’s exactly what’s happening. We’ve actually sold over-capacity for HVAC, which is both a good and bad thing. Yes, that’s a bottleneck, but it’s also a good problem to be facing.

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