How to Dominate Google Searches for Home Services!

Leaning into LSA, GMB, PPC, and SEO

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Today’s newsletter's a tad longer, but trust me, it's packed with some rockstar digital marketing tips for absolutely owning the search game in your home service business. So, hang in there! And of course, hit me up with any questions by replying to this email or sliding into my DMs on Twitter.

There Are 4 Pillars That Help Customers Find Your Business

New customers find businesses in a variety of ways—talking to friends, scanning newspapers (maybe for the old-school folks), or checking out coupons that land in their laps.

But the bulk of customers? It all happens on Google. They'll hop online and search for a plumber, HVAC tech, fix for a broken water heater, or how to get this repaired near me.

So, as home service entrepreneurs, our main gig is to rule the search game. There are four main pillars for that: Local Service Ads (LSA), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Google My Business (GMB) and Map Pack.

💭 Imagine being the top pick when someone Googles for a plumber or HVAC tech in your area. It's not just a dream—it's achievable with these four core pillars of digital dominance:

1. Local Service Ads (LSA): 

LSAs offer immediate leads but have become increasingly competitive. To shine here, focus on immediate response times and impeccable service delivery. It's about striking while the iron's hot. Think urgency and excellence in every interaction.

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