Your Own Worst Enemy In Breaking the $5 Million Barrier

Are you standing in your own way?

Don’t Be Your Own Worst Business Enemy

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It was a big week around the Wilson offices, especially as I recorded with a special guest on Wednesday for next week’s podcast episodes. Surprises abound.

But maybe surprises aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re all about being informed, knowing the trends, and staying up-to-date on what’s going on in the home service realm. I really cannot say enough good things about Alec and the work he does over on the HomePros newsletter.

If you’re looking for the quick hits and broad strokes of news in the HVAC world then you need to make HomePros part of your weekly routine.

They recently did a Q1 glance at the powerhouse Lennox—a great way to digest this information. Do yourself a favor and hit the above link to subscribe.

But today we aren’t looking at just the worlds of HVAC, plumbing, and electrical, but instead turning a mirror to ourselves. I spend a lot of time talking on the subject of breaking that five million dollar barrier.

Time to talk about why you might be the thing holding you back from that magic number.

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  • The Five Million Dollar Milestone

    • The Flywheel and the Journey

  • Self-Sufficiency Made Real

    • Identify. Invest. Hire. Cashflow.

  • Being Your Own Worst Enemy

    • Cue the music

  • Pride and the Five

    • Don’t let a lot of small spends keep you from the magic number

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The Milestone Journey

We all have to start somewhere, don’t we? And just as important as that starting line is a goal--a destination. It’s not that I think The Lord of the Rings was wrong in focusing on the journey, rather than the destination.

Far from it! But, in order to stay hungry, keep focus, and strive for success, we need to have milestones in mind. In the case of home business growth, that destination is the magic number of five million.

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